Hendricks Murphy is a boutique litigation firm. We are a specialized, entrepreneurial firm on the short list of best law firms in Arizona to handle complex civil litigation. We are known as aggressive, principled lawyers who are creative and excel in court. We have tried all manner of civil cases in every available forum, from federal and state courts, to private arbitrations to public administrative hearings. Our cases range from disputes over millions of dollars to more modest sums, but generally have one thread in common: we specialize in complicated matters for clients who care about results. We handle cases where lawyering makes a difference.

The firm recognizes that technology has transformed the way lawyers work, and we strive to employ the latest technology in an effort to work productively, efficiently and cost effectively.


We keep our firm’s technology on the cutting edge to produce the best and most cost-efficient results for our clients.

We are also creative about billing alternatives, and are willing to consider handling cases on both an hourly and a contingent basis in which our fees are determined by the result.

We pride ourselves on being a forward-thinking firm, utilizing the latest hardware and software available.

Hendricks Murphy has made particular efforts to adapt emerging technologies to litigation support. We have found that a by-product of the technological evolution of law practice is that organizational storage, retrieval and graphics techniques that were once only feasible in large and/or complex cases are now adaptable to, and economically practical in virtually all litigation matters. We have invested considerable time, effort and resources in creating a set of integrated computer-based tools that are genuine aids to our analysis and presentation.